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Customers have questions, we have answers. These are the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Q. How long have you been replacing windows and doors?

A. We have many years working in the construction industry. Our specialty since 2001 has been windows and doors 

Q. Do you have a contractor's license? 

A. Yes we have a State Contractor's License, State Home Improvement License, Lead Renovation License And we are a EPA Certified Firm (License Numbers can be provided when requested)

Q. Why is it important for a window and door company to have Workmen's Compensation?

A. If you hire a window and door company that doesn't habe workmen's compensation, they are claiming that they do not have employees. What that means is the contractor will be installing the windows or doors himself, with no additional help. By himself, only one person, however most window and door  companies claum they have no employees when in fact they have a crew that comes to your house and installs the windows or doors. You then would be the liable person if anyone gets injured while on your property.

Q. Why this would matter and is important to you the homeowner?

A. If an installer gets injured while at your house they can come after your homeowners insurance to pay for medical bills and being injured. In some cases they can and will go after you personally.

Q. Do you have workmen's compensation?

A. Yes! All of our installers are covered by workmen's compensation.

Q. Are your window and door installers certified?

A. Yes, all of our installers are certified installers.

The reason companies have Workmen's Compensation is to protect the homeowner from lawsuits and medical claims from uninsured workers. Are you willing to take that risk? 

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